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05 May 2009 @ 02:01 am
28 Themes Challenge: Kaida, #2  
Another from the set of prompts that sakuratsukikage and I are using for our characters.

This one is only 242 words and G-rated. The prompt is #2, "waves vied for your attention."

Dear Father,

The weather has been sunny lately, and I’ve been thinking of the days when you would take us outside to practice in the open air, instead of in the dojo. It was such a long time ago, but maybe that’s why the grass on my bare feet today makes me feel so happy. Those were good days, Father, before we went to war.

I remember when we – the youngest students – would compete for your praise. When we would each push ourselves as hard as we could, fighting to surpass each other and receive that rare, precious smile and that proud light behind your eyes. Like squabbling crows, we each wanted our cry to be the loudest. I knew, even then, that I was better, but I also knew why you praised the others more than you praised me. I was your daughter, and I was never unhappy – I only tried harder because of it, and I liked watching you teach the other children and seeing the moments when their faces glowed with understanding. Akio and Seiji and Toshi – will I see them again?

I miss being a child. I miss being your student instead of your soldier. I wish that I could see you now, and speak to you again as child to father. I wish I could speak to you at all, instead of writing these silly letters that I know will never reach you.

Please take care.

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